Maria Elena Kyriakou talks for OGAE Serbia

Dear readers, we continue with interviews with Eurovision contestants. Today we bring you an interview with Maria Elena Kyriakou from Greece.

Hello Maria, thank you for having this chat with us. First I have to ask you, are you looking forward to coming to Vienna.

Hello to you too and to all of your readers. Yes I am very excited and very impatient at the moment to come to Vienna. I was in Austria a month ago for shooting the postcard clip and I totally fell in love with the country. I am pretty sure Vienna will be another big surprise for me!

Are you aware what is waiting for you there?

To be honest I wasn’t up until the day I saw the schedule! Busy times ahead it seems but it’s something that I love so I know I will have a great time between the rehearsals.

Is there going to be more versions of your song?

A few weeks ago we released Greek version of One Last Breath. We still have some plans but nothing is certain. What I can say is that we might be having a French one quite soon.

This is the first female ballad coming from Greece since Anna Vissi’s Everything. What do you expect out of your performance?

I am a big fan of simplicity. It was our concept back in the national final and since you don’t change a winning recipe we decided to keep things simple for Vienna as well. Basically what we are working on is producing a simple performance but also effective and artistic at the same time.

maria elenaHave you heard any other competing songs? Which ones do you like? 

Being a proud Eurovision fan I have listened to all other 39 songs. I have a lot that I like. Sweden, Italy, Spain and Albania to name a few.

Do you have a favorite among them?

I can’t really choose! Each song does something for me. So one day I might go for an uptempo song and the next one for a ballad! It depends on my mood.

This is the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Can you pick few winning songs that you like the most?

In your eyes by Niamh Kavanaugh and Euphoria by Loreen. Both songs had great vocalists which I admire.

Is it possible to tell us anything about your upcoming performance?

As I mentioned above it’s gonna be rather simple but I can’t reveal much at the moment. All I can say is that I won’t be having dancers with me.

Any last message for our readers?

Have fun by watching this year’s contest! I hope you like my song, and if you do please don’t forget to vote for me! 

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