Vladimir Graić: It’s an honor to compose for Serbia

Following the news that our famous composer Vladimir Graić will be behind a song that will represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, OGAE Serbia payed a visit to the composer whose song Molitva performed by Marija Šerifović brought the  Eurovision Song Contest to our country.

We met Graja (composer’s nickname) in his studio and in a friendly atmosphere we talked about plans regarding the selection of our representative next year.

Hello Graja primarily we want to congratulate you for being chosen to compose the song that will represent Serbia in Vienna.

  – Thank you very much, welcome to my studio and I’m glad to see you again.

Following the victory in 2007, your song will again represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest. How did it come to that and what does this mean to you personally?

- It means a lot to me, it is a great honor to represent my country in this prestigious music competition. After the decision of the RTS to return to the Eurovision Song Contest there was an agreement between the RTS and the music company Beoton, and they thought I was a good choice and that together we will do this job properly.

We heard that our representative will be selected from among three candidates and that you compose three different songs for each of them. Can you tell us more about that?

- Yes, there’s the agreement to select three candidates, with each of them performing a song. I must say that we have not yet reached a final agreement, recently collaboration between me, RTS and BEOTON has been intensified and in the upcoming days we will know exactly how the selection of the representative will be. What I can tell you is that we are thinking about involving  the audience to choose candidates through several programs that will be broadcast on RTS.

Do you have someone particular in mind and have you been contacted by some artisist yet ?

- I do have , but I haven’t made ​​any decision yet. First of all I want to a performer to have strong vocal capabilities, to possess charisma and a good stage performance, because these are all components that are required for the Eurovision Song Contest. These days, many have contacted me, but I say it is too early to bring out any name.

Do you have any idea at this point what will the songs be like?

- Yes, I have in mind the idea that I will carry into effect, and I intend to write both ballads and uptempo tunes. In the end the audience will decide which one they’ll like the most.

Will the songs be presented before or will they be premiered on the night of the national selection?

- The songs will have their premiere in a live broadcast when the winner will be chosen, because the point is to choose a song that will make the greatest impact on the audience at the very moment.

Do you have the ambition to win the top again?

- I do not think about it. I think only about having good performers and songs, and that in itself produces a result. I am not pressured by my previous win, for starters we need to think about getting into the finals, and then everything’s possible.

How do you see collaboration with OGAE Serbia?

- Our relationship dates back to victory in Helsinki, and even then it proved to be very successful. I really appreciate your opinion, because you know best how the stuff around the contest works. I see no reason why would be different now. We are focused on a common task, to present our country in the best possible way.

Graja, thank you very much for the interview. We wish you success in everything you do.

- Thank you very much. See you very soon..