Interview with Markus Riva from Latvia

You participated at Latvian NF last year also, but just in case if some people didn’t meet you then, can you introduce yourself a bit? 

- I am Markus Riva, currently residing in Riga, Latvia and I have been into music since 6. I have recorded 2 solo albums and working on my 3rd now. I have participated in countless projects in Latvia like TV shows, musicals, fashion projects. Have been nominated for several awards and I have 3 prizes as the most stylish male performer in Latvia etc. Last fall I participated in huge prime-time TV project – „Want to Meladze“ that was aired on TV in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and other countries. I also work as a DJ in the best parties in Latvia and abroad.

This year concept and the name of Latvian NF have been changed a bit. What is your opinion about it? How much does this competition mean to you?

- This year it means a lot to me! After TV show „Want to Meladze“ I got a great experience. I want to bring my best to represent our country in Vienna this year. I like that they changed the format, but we will see how it all turns out with the changes this year. After last few years of anti-success in the big show I think this is quite a good way to find a charismatic, good and sell-able performer to represent Latvia.

Markus Riva

Markus Riva

You’re participating with the song „Take me down“ which is already available on line. Can you tell us a bit about it? Is there a story behind it? 

- I did not write the song specially for Eurovision. Original file is like 3:50 with timing, but we shortened it to 3:00 as for ESC standards. In my opinion it is a powerful song with a good meaning. When I perform „Take Me Down“ I feel like my heart is bleeding. When I showed this song for the first time to my friends, they literally cried. That’s what the artist should do – touch the souls with his work. I think I can touch a lot of souls with „Take Me Down“ all around the world.

Have you heard any other competing songs? How do you think is your biggest threat?

- I have heard some. There are good songs, but it all depends how they gonna bring it to the stage.

How much would you like to be the Latvian representative at Eurovision?

- I am doing it all this year. I want it so badly! We gonna launch the music video very soon for „Take Me Down“, that was shot in Kiev with iconic music director Alan Badoev who has done music videos for plenty of Russian and Ukrainian stars like Filip Kirkorov, Kazaky, Loboda, Max Barskih, ViaGra and many more. Also „Take Me Down“ is gonna be in Russian language called „Taty“ and it is my first single in Russian language and targeted to Russian spoken audience. Alan Badoev was also representing Loboda few years ago in ESC Moscow. So Alan Badoev is going to help a lot with our stage performance as well if we gonna win. He has a lot of crazy and good ideas, he has a great vision.

What is your favorite Latvian ESC entry, and favorite overall?

- My favourite entry is trio FLY because of my very good friend Yana Kay. That year (2003) left a lot of good emotions.

Any last message for our readers?

 – Be happy every single day! And spread love anytime you can! Thank you so much! :)