Interview with Lara Lee from Romania

Dear readers, we continue with exclusive interviews. Today we bring you an interview with Lara Lee form Romania.

Hello Lara, how are you? Congratulations on making it to the final of Selecţia Naţională Eurovision 2015 and thank you very much for talking for evropesma.org.

- Hello!! Thank you so much! I’m  so excited to be finalist at Selectia Nationala 2015!

Can you tell us about yourself?

- Let’s start from the bottom: Lara Lee is a new name on the music market, not so known. People from Romania know me by my real name – Larisa Ciortan, former member of the group T&L. Together we reached 4th place in the first season of X Factor Romania, mentored by famous Paula Seling. I also have experience regarding Eurovision.  In 2012 I tried my luck with T&L, our song Twilight got the 6th place in the National Selection.

How did you decide to take part in the festival?

- It was something spontaneous..Everything happened in the last week when it  was aloud  to  submit songs. I was contacted through facebook by the team from Macho Records – MachoPsycho, I received some demos and I liked Superman the most. I recorded it very fast and I submitted the song on 8th of February, in the last day.            

10995654_10205479509523858_3707402620904065588_nCan you tell us something about your song Superman, your team and stage performance? We know that you have one girl from Serbia in your team…;)

- Of course! The song Superman is  about a guy who keeps leaving a girl in love with him. She needs him to save her from uncertain emotions, and even when he comes back to her, he might leave again. This is actually something real and I’m pretty sure we all had moments in life when we just need someone to be here for us, to make us feel safe. During the day we can leave emotions on the side but the night is our enemy when you sit down with yourself and you have no place to run from your feelings.   

Now let’s talk a bit about my team and the stage performance! I will have on the stage 2 professional backing vocals from Sweden, Nicole and Tami Rodriguez and 3 dancers who are part of Stan Boyz (dancers of Alexandra Stan and Inna)…The team behind Superman is very strong, Macho Records produced songs for big artists like Pink, Cher, Jessie J, Backstreet Boys, etc.  They also got 4th place at Eurovision 2013 with the song they wrote for Margaret Berger who represented Norway.

And finally let’s talk about Milica!!  She is one of the songwriters of Superman, manager of Macho Records and an amazing person. She is with me now in Romania, and goes everywhere with me and  I can say that in a very short while we all became good friends.  I am really happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to work with her and the whole team.

What do you think of other entries competing in the festival? Do you have any personal favorites?

- I think all the other participants are talented in their own way and they all have chances to win. But I keep my favorite, which is Superman! :)

What would it mean to you to represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest?

- Eurovision is one of my biggest dreams and representing my country is a big honor. I would do my best to be a great ambassador and to bring home honorable results.

Do you watch Eurovision Song Contest, and if so – what are your favorite songs and singers?

-  Elnur & Samir – Day after Day –  Azerbaijan, Loreen – Euphoria – Sweden,  Mor ve Ötesi – Deli – Turkey, Boaz Mauda – The fire in your eyes – Israel and of course Margaret Berger –  I feed you my love – Norway.

What are your future career plans?

- I take everything step by step. For now I’m focused on Eurovision and I give all my best to succeed. In the future  I would love my Superman to become an international  hit.

Would you like to say something to Serbian readers?

-  Thank you for those who took their time to read this interview about me. I wish you all stay positive, fight for your love and never give up!

Lara, thank you for your time and we wish you good luck.

-  Thank you so much!! It was my pleasure!