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FINLAND: Interview with Saara Aalto

Just few days before the first semifinal of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu festival, Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, we managed to have a little chat with charming Saara Aalto. Here is what she says about her song No Fear, about singing alongside Andrea Bocelli, her experience in many world-known TV shows, #NoFear2016 movement and much more.

This is your second time competing at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Why did you decide to take part in the competition again?

- Because I want to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest! It has always been my dream, and the only way to achieve that dream is to take part in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. I just felt the time is right now and you should always try to reach your goals and dreams!

Lyrics of your song are quite powerful. Do they have some special meaning to you? Can you tell us something about the inspiration for your song?

- I wanted to make a song to comfort people, so that people would not fear of other people anymore. The people who are different than you, might be scary at first, but if you could just forget those fears, you could treat others better and make the world a better place. This song is a funeral song of the fear. I wanted it to be happy and uplifting so that people would want to dance and feel good about having no fear. I also wanted the song to be a bit mystical and exotic… And I think we achieved that goal!

Betting odds say that you are one of the favorites to win. Does that make you nervous or more eager to perform the best you can?

- I always perform the best I can and this time maybe even better I hope :D I trust myself and the song, so I’m just gonna enjoy the show and hope everyone will like it!

What would it mean to you to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest?

- It would mean a world to me. And I would love to represent Finland with exactly THIS song No Fear, because I’m sure people would love the atmosphere and the message of it. We could all share the No Fear attitude to the world, be brave and loving and change the world together!

saara aalto 1Finish audience knows you from various world-known TV shows. Can you tell us more about your participation in those shows?

- I think every TV show has been a very important step in my career. They have all made me grow as an artist. I was only 19 when I was at the Finland’s Got Talent and it gave me a lot of experience and contacts. In 2012 I came 2nd at the Voice of Finland and that was a very important moment in my career. I grew so much and found myself as an artist. With all the experience that I have, I think I would be ready for the Eurovision stage!

Your biography is quite impressive. Not many fans know that you sang alongside Andrea Bocelli. How was that experience for you?

- Bocelli was such a nice man and singing with him felt like home. I could just shine and do my very best, because I knew that I really had to give my all. And I loved that feeling. It was very easy to sing with him. We sang 6 songs together at his world tour concert in Helsinki. It was the best night ever.

You speak many languages. Have you considered making more versions of No Fear in those languages?

- Of course! I would love to make a version in every language :D  But I’m sure I’ll make some more versions if I get chosen to go to the Eurovision! thanks you for your time and wishes you best of luck!