NORWAY: Interview with Laila Samuels brings you an exclusive interview with Norwegian singer Laila Samuels, one of the favorites for the big victory at Melodi Grand Prix festival. Here is what Laila said about her song Afterglow, performance, other contestants, her hobbies and much other.

How are your preparations for Melodi Grand Prix going so far?

- The preparations are going very well – somehow this whole process has felt just right and kind of easy so far – everything from my decision to join – to the outfit I’ll be wearing, the collaborations with the whole Eurovision team. They are all so professional and sweet. It makes it so easy for me. Feels like we are all pulling in the same direction.

Can you reveal us some details about how is your performance going to look like on the stage?

- I will let the song speak for itself – I will be alone on stage. There will be a show, but hopefully one that catches the emotion. You’ll see. I can’t wait to perform it in the Spektrum!

Tell us something about the lyrics of the song. What meaning do they have for you?

- The song is very special to me. I went through some difficult times the last 2 years. I had to deal with a lot of loss. And… in a way I guess I wrote this song as a prayer for better times. Not in a religious way. Just like… something positive has got to happen now. And in a way – the prayers were answered. Like the Universe was listening. ;) So much has happened since and I feel really great at the moment.

static1.squarespace.comHave you heard other songs from the competition? Do you have any favorites?

- Yes, I have heard them all! I think it will be a very good show. Amazing artists this year. I always loved Stage Dolls back in the day and it’s cool that they are in this years mix. And I can’t wait to see the show from The Hungry Hearts’ performance. They might blow us away. I am going to a concert with them here in Berlin next week too. Excited :)

Do you think you can win Melodi Grand Prix?

- I think it’s anyone’s game. I’m not worried about losing or winning. I want to give people the best show I can. After this show… All the songs will still be out there for people to enjoy. I have written music all my life and I will after this. Music is forever. This competition is for only 1 night ;)

Can you tell something to our readers that not many people know about you?

- I play Frisbee golf… hooked. And I wrote a musical once, haha :D Oh, and my ex-roomie and good friend Ana Gemović is from Serbia. And she is also in my band in my video that just came out. Playing drums. So cool :)

What are your future career plans?

- I’m doing my album right now. I wanna tour again this year. Then I’m gonna grow up. Finally.

OGAE Serbia thanks you for your time and wishes you a lot of luck in Melodi Grand Prix!

- Last I wanna give a very big thanks to the amazing Eurovision fans everywhere. Keep on loving the music and the unity. <3

Listen to a new acoustic version of „Afterglow“!