Foto: SRF/Lukas Mäder
Foto: SRF/Lukas Mäder

Interview with Rykka

Since 2011, Switzerland has used the national final „Die Entscheidungsshow“ to determine their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest and this year, the singer Rykka emerged victorious with her song „The last of our kind“. Rykka will perform throughout Europe promoting her song, making an appearnace at the Riga, Moscow and Amsterdam Pre-Parties. We were lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with the Swiss participant where she told us about her Eurovision journey and her experiences.

Hello Rykka, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and to share your Eurovision journey with us. Firstly, what emotions did you feel when you were announced as the winner of the national final in Switzerland?

- It felt great! I always work to visualise positive things, but at the Swiss selection I wasn’t thinking about winning anymore. I was just having a great time because everyone backstage was so wonderful and it felt like family. It means a lot to me to represent Switzerland because Eurovision connects so many great people. It’s so amazing to meet so many amazing people who are connected to Eurovision in some way. Also, I’m so proud to represent Switzerland because it’s really in my heritage and I love it here so much.

Since winning “Die Entscheidungsshow” how has your life changed?

- Being part of Eurovision is such a special adventure, I’m meeting so many new amazing people!

Do you think that your previous experience in singing and your journey through “Die Entscheidungsshow” has prepared you for Eurovision? Furthermore how does the national final compare to Eurovision so far?

- I don’t think there is a formula to win. I think there is a place for everyone, and that maybe some things work better at a certain time than others. That doesn’t mean that something is better or worse for eternity, just maybe at that particular second in time. At the moment I’m working hard to extra-strengthen the basis of my voice. Going back to what I learned when I first started singing professionally and really making everything strong from the ground up. I’m also visualising a lot, as I do, to prepare mentally.

Foto: SRF/Lukas Maeder
Foto: SRF/Lukas Mäder

Could you briefly tell us what the message of your song is and what it means personally to you?

- The message of „The Last Of Our Kind“ is to always stand up for love above all. Stand up for yourself and for people and other beings who can’t stand up for themselves. Standing up for love also sometimes means to go against your own ego and really search to find the truth.

Is there something interesting about you that maybe lots of people are unaware of?

- I consider change an important part of my life and I’m big into visualization.

What do you think that Eurovision can bring to your career and what do you hope to do afterwards?

- I consider Eurovision a very exciting adventure in my career, that brings a lot of wonderful people together. After Eurovision I’ll release my brand new record and tour with my band.

What is your earliest memory of Eurovision and how did you first hear about the contest?

- Because I grew up in Canada I’ve only been following the ESC for a few years now. I find it so amazing that so many people grew up with it and have such a special connection to the ESC.

Which countries do you plan to visit to promote your song “The Last of our Kind”?

- Yes, I will be attending the promotional events in Riga, Moscow and Amsterdam.

What are your plans for Eurovision with regards to the staging in Stockholm? Will you be alone on stage, have back-up singers, or will it be similar to the national final?

- Of course there will be surprises in my staging! I’ve had meetings with the team at the Swiss Television SRF and worked on the style and mood and what will happen on stage with them. It was really a team effort, and it was so great to be so involved, I love that stuff! I’m also working on a dress with LYN Lingerie, it will be a collaboration. LYN x RYKKA! Tanja Dankner, Nyssina and Brandy Butler will be singing with me in Stockholm. They’re all amazing singers and I’m so excited to have them on board.

Thank you very much once again for answering our questions and we wish you all the best for your Eurovision Journey. Do you have a message for of all your fans and our readers?

- I want to thank everyone for their amazing support! It’s such a dream to share this crazy experience with all of you. Sending love out to everyone!

Take a look at Rykka’s video message to Serbian fans:

Take a listen to Rykka’s song for Eurovision – „The Last Of Our Kind“!