Interview with Timebelle

On the 5th February, Switzerland chose their entry using the national final „Die Entscheidungsshow“ to determine their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest and this year, the group Timebelle emerged victorious with their song „Apollo“. Timebelle will perform throughout Europe promoting their song, making an appearance at the  Amsterdam and Israeli Pre-Parties. We were lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with the Swiss participant where they told us about their Eurovision journey and their experiences.

Hello Timebelle, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and to share your Eurovision journey with us. Firstly, what emotions did you feel when you were announced as the winner of the national final in Switzerland?

- The emotions we felt were strong and unique. But we have worked for the result and it was the moment we expected the most. It’s amazing to have your work rewarded with something like this.

Since winning the national final in Switzerland, how have your lives changed?

- We haven’t really have so much time to think about it because we always do something. It’s either rehearsing, or doing interviews and T.V. shows, concerts or writing emails, there is always something going on. And we absolutely love it and fully enjoy it!

Could you briefly explain the message behind your song and what it means personally to you?

- The message of „Apollo“ is very simple and very deep at the same time: follow your dream. Whether that dream is a person, a job or a career, a dream that you have from your childhood, just follow your inner voice. For us in particular, our dream is to make music. Apollo is the god of art in the Greek mythology. When we sing in the chorus „I follow you, Apollo“ is equally saying „I follow you music“.

What is your earliest memory of the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you perhaps have a favourite song from the history of the contest?

- One of our favorite songs is „Heroes“ from Sweden from two years ago. And also Sebalter’s song from Switzerland we love very much. It’s very original.

What are your plans for the contest? Will you have similar staging to the National Final, will you make changes or will you keep most of the details secret?

- We would rather prefer to keep it secret. It’s more interesting that way :) 

How have you been preparing for the contest so far? Do you plan to visit any countries for the promo-tour prior to Kyiv?

- Yes, we have already visited Romania when we performed at the National Final there. Next countries are Holland, Israel and many others.

Thank you so much once again for answering our questions and we wish you the best of luck in Kyiv and for the future.  Do you have a message for all of your fans and our readers?

- Thank you for the support and all the love that you send us every day through your messages and pictures! We absolutely adore you and we honestly say a big THANK YOU to you :)

Take a listen to the official video of Timebelle’s Apollo!