Foto: TVR
Foto: TVR

Mihai Traistariu: I’ve already tried some songs for Eurovision 2017

Romanian singer, M I H A I, speaks for OGAE Serbia about fifth place in Selectia Nationalahis new music, about a song ‘Paradisio’ and his future plans about Eurovision Song Contest.

Firstly, I want to say a congratulations for fifth position in Selectia Nationala. Are you disappointed, and did you expect to win?

Mihai: I was afraid about the jury and… my fears were real. :) They influenced the voters to vote other guy.  Don’t worry. That’s what I expected. Next year I’ll try for another country.

Did the judges of the final show made you feel angry?

Mihai: No. Not at all.

You said that the next time you are going to try for Moldova, but never again for Romania. Can you tell us why?

Mihai: Moldova speaks Romanian language. I hope I’ll find a great song and win for Republic Moldova.

And can we expect you next year?

Mihai: Yes. I’ve already tried today some new songs for Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Once you said that „Paradisio“ is better song than „Tornero“. Is that the biggest reason for your disappointment?

Mihai: Paradisio was more sensitive than Tornero, the refrain is very catchy… My voice is better than 2006. :)

And why you think like that?

Mihai: I waited for ten years for Paradisio. That’s why I was disappointed. And I knew that the jury will do EVERYTHING to convince people not to send me.

What „Paradisio“ as a song means to you?

Mihai: Paradisio means perfection. LOVE, PEACE, FREEDOM… The supreme being. Maybe God.

Do you think that „Moment Of Silence“ have a real chance on Eurovision stage?

Mihai: I can’t say something about Romania’s position in May. It’s difficult. I saw the bets and… 33rd place for Ovidiu Anton is not good at all. I was 1- 5 at bets in 2006 and I finished fourth. Paula Seling was 14th in 2013 and finished 13th. So… the bets don’t lie.

It’s been ten years since Eurovision in Athens. What are your feelings about that show?

Mihai: That show completely changed my life…

Can we expect your new music soon?

Mihai: Yes. I prepare a new album… so… stay tuned.

If you could choose an one artist to collaborate with who would it be?

Mihai: Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera…

And would you like to visit Serbia someday and maybe have a concert here?

Mihai: Of course I would love this.

Thank you so much for your time.

 Look at the performance of M I H A I in the final of the Romanian national selection, held on 6th of March.

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  1. Bruno Mars

    Mihai Traistariu is nothing but a self-important, narcissistic man who lives on past success. I would definitely not want to collaborate with this guy.