Elnur talks for OGAE Serbia

First of all, OGAE Serbia thanks you for your time. Can you tell us how are your preparations going so far?

- We’ve done a promotional tour. After all the appearances on stage, interviews, meetings I’m putting all my time and efforts to the final preparation before the big day– May 21st when I’m taking the stage in Vienna in Second Semi-Final. I’m rehearsing, working on my vocals, preparing my stage presentation along with my team._C8A7917

You participated at Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade 7 years ago. How has Eurovision changed since then in your opinion?

- I think there were a lot of changes over the years and I had to re-discover the Contest as a participant once again. The changes in voting system and so on. It’s a lot to take in but I’m all for changes. These means that the Contest is alive and breathing.

In what ways your career changed after Eurovision in 2008?

- A lot. I’ve took some steps in different direction, tried on different styles in music, searching for my true self as a musician. I worked over several projects, such as Notre Dam De Paris musical show in Azerbaijan, performances in Jazz Centre and some others. The final achievement is that I won The Voice Turkey this year._C8A7713_c

How did you feel when you got the offer to represent Azerbaijan again?

- I was very surprised. I didn’t see its coming and I haven’t thought about it. But it’s a perfect opportunity for me to represent myself as a solo artist and took the world’s biggest stage once more.

Did you hear other songs that are competing this year? Do you have any favorites?

- I’ve heard a couple of songs. My favorite is Guy Sebastian.

Do you think you can win the contest?

- Eurovision is not about winning for me. I want to express my feeling, to share my song, my emotions with audience. I want to reach each and everyone’s heart. And everything else is not that important._C8A8079

This year is full with ballads. What makes your ballad different than others?

- My song is speaks to everyone how’s got heart and soul, who wants to fight for better tomorrow, for better life, for love and for true emotions. ‘Hour of the Wolf’ is about our search in life and our choice and I do believe it’s different.

What are your career plans after Vienna?

- I will record and release my solo album. Hope you will like it.

OGAE Serbia wishes you a lot of luck in Vienna!