Photo: Orsola Mema by Class Photography
Photo: Orsola Mema by Class Photography

Interview with Elhaida Dani from Albania

Dear readers, we continue with exclusive interviews with Eurovision contestants. Today we bring you an interview with Elhaida Dani from Albania. She will perform in the first semi-final with the song „I’m alive“.

1. Hello Elhaida, first I congratulate you, on behalf of OGAE Serbia, to win the festival Festivali i Këngës. Can you introduce yourself to our audience, tell me something about you and your career?

My passion for singing starts since i was a little kid, it was my mom transmitting me this love for music. So since a was 6 I started playing piano and my career started at the age of 16 in the first tv show I participated „Star Academy“ which I won, since then I’ve been releasing singles and winning the most important festival for the modern music in Albania „Top Fest“. The turning point for my career was when i decided to participate at „The Voice of Italy“ which I won. Now I’ve won Festivali i Kenges and I’ll be representing my country Albania in ESC.

2. You are convincingly won the national selection with the song “Diell”. What happened here and why the song is changed?

ElhaidaDani_2The composer decided to withdraw for very personal reasons. It was a very difficult moment, i was getting ready to prepare my performance in ESC with the song Diell when this decision of the composer was taken. For some days I thought that the possibility for me to sing in the Euorosong stage was over…. but then I contacted the composers of the song ZzapnChriss and the very next day I was in Kosovo and we started working for the new song. We never had an idea how the song had to be but we stayed closed for days in the studio until I’m Alive was created. And now I love I’m alive! It’s a song that I feel really mine!

3. The song “I’m Alive” has a good reactions from audience across Europe, can you tell me something more about the song?

I’m Alive talks about strong women. Strong women that fall in love, that get hurt and suffer but still they never give up in love and in their dreams. I love this message of the song, also the video was created in this point of view, strong woman who never cries :)

4. Albania for two years in a row failed to qualify for the finals, do you think that this year you will succeed, and what kind of performance can we expect in Vienna?

To gain a good positions in ESC many many factors should be perfectly at their place… and it’s not a easy condition to happens. From my side, I have already started to see the fruits of being part of this contest. I can see the number of international fans that hear my music and write me every single day to compliment, and only this is something very important. My expectation for Eurovision is just enjoying this lifelong experience.

5. Do you have a stage fright of performances in front of millions audience?

Eurovision is a competition, the most important competition and to tell you the truth I love competitions, they always give me rushes of adrenaline and usually adrenaline it’s an asset for me, it makes me perform even better. I hope it will happen in Vienna.

6. This year, most of the songs will be sung in English, even 33. What do you think should sing in native language or is it better to sing in English?

I think that singing in english makes it easier for the songs to get more understood and appreaciated from the international public. I love the idea that everybody can hear and understand all the songs and their lyrics, and singing it in english can make this happen. But may be a good idea could be to release each song both in english and in native language.

7. You recently visited various European cities, can you convey your impressions?

Exciting and amazing: for me is the first time visiting a lot of these cities… what can I say… I’m very very lucky to have these opportunities!

8. Do you listen to the songs of other participants? Do you have your favorite?

Yes, I have, but I wont tell you ;)

9. If you listen to a song, what do you think about Serbian representative and song “Beauty never lies”?

I support and I believe in the strong woman, also my song and video talks about us. And in Bojana I see that, I see a very strong and passionate woman with great talent, her voice. Her song, it’s so powerful and the message it brings to everyone is extremely important. I love it.

10. Which would you send a message to Eurovision fans from Serbia and the region?

Let’s music and art build bridges! We are lucky and to be active part of this opportunity, we must take charge of it :)

Elhaida Dani sent a video message to Eurovision fans from Serbia

Thank you for the interview and good luck in Vienna!

Also, listen to a new version „Në Jetë“ in albanian language: