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Loïc Nottet talks for OGAE Serbia

Dear readers, we continue with interviews with Eurovision contestants. Today we bring you an interview with Loïc Nottet from Belgium.

Hello Loïc! Thank you for your time! Are you feeling nervous about Eurovision Song Contest coming closer?

- Not really. I mean I don’t panic right now I’m just looking forward to my performance in Vienna. I think I’m going to panic a little 5 minutes before going on stage.  

LoicNottet Photography & Art Work by Josh Brand+úo(7) copy copyHow is your preparation going so far?

- I do a lot of rehearsals with my team and a lot of meetings to prepare the best we can for the live performance in May.

Can you tell us more about your performance? Will there be any choreography and dancing?

- It will be something very bright, minimalistic and pure, clean with very robotic movements. There will be surprises.

Have you heard other competitors?

- I didn’t listen to the others. I made that decision because I don’t want to stress and have pressure. I know Rhythm Inside is different, it is not a typical Eurovision song. I don’t want to listen to the other songs because I don’t want to compare my work with other artists and suddenly have a huge stress.

It’s been 12 years since Belgium was last time in top 3 songs of the contest. Do you think you can score that high in Vienna, or maybe even win?

- I don’t know, and honestly I don’t care. I mean, the most important thing to me is to represent my country the best I can! I’m not someone who’s really fond of competitions. My only challenger is myself. Of course if I score in top 3 I’ll be happy but If I don’t I’ll just want to keep the thought in my head that I did all I could. 

Were you more excited before the start of The Voice, or now, just a month before Eurovision SongLoicNottet Photography & Art Work by Josh Brand+úo(3) copy Contest?

- For me it’s the same! I’m completely in love with the stage, whether it’s Austrian or Belgian stage; in front of 20 million or 5 persons, I’ll have fun. The most important thing is that I’ll do the best I can. Stage is all about me and all about what I’m looking for in life! 

How did you feel when Sia shared your cover of her song Chandelier? Did you see it coming?

- It’s completely amazing! Incredible! I didn’t see it coming and I’m happy that way because the surprise was bigger. I am so very happy! I love SIA so much. Her music mean so much to me. I really want to meet her one day. I know it’s crazy but it’s one of my dreams.

In your future career, do see yourself as a ballad singer or as someone who will perform faster pop songs?

- Both I think. I really like ballads and pop songs. Everything will depend on how I’m feeling at the moment I write my songs!

What are your career plans after Eurovision?

- I don’t really have career plans for the moment. I wish to do an album one day but I don’t know when. Maybe next year or in 2 years or…

OGAE Serbia wishes you a lot of luck in Vienna!